Secrets of a UA High School Parent

Worried about your middle schooler’s transition to high school?
Worried about your transition to high school?
Not sure where to drop off or pick up or at what time?
Not sure what your role is at the high school?
New to town or to UA public schools?
Just want to know more?

Join the Upper Arlington High School PTO for “Secrets of a UA High School Parent” night – a lively hour of Question & Answer to be held Monday March 9th at 7:00 p.m. at the UAHS.

Questions?  Email the PTO at uahighschoolpto@gmail.com



CeleBEARty Wait Night

Every Spring, the UAHS PTO hosts CeleBEARty Wait Night, a fundraising dinner featuring high school students as “waiters”.  This year’s event will be held on Sunday, March 1st, at Figlio on Riverside Drive.  

This is the PTO’s only fundraiser and is an easy, fun way to support the PTO, and get a great dinner in the process! You can help in two big ways – either by offering to be a table captain or by coming to dinner that night! A table captain simply commits to gathering a group of people for dinner that evening. The group can be as small as 4 or as large as 14. There are 2 seatings: 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm. Tickets are $50 per person. Your servers for the evening will be UAHS students!  Additional tips at the end of your seating directly benefit the PTO as well. If you do not wish to commit to being a table captain, but would like to attend the event, you can register that way as well!

Click here for more details:  CWN 2020

If you are interested in being a table captain, please email Leah Sneed at leahmsneed@gmail.com  with your desired seating time (5:30 pm or 7:30 pm) and the number of people you would like to have at your table. The largest tables of 10, 12 and 14 go quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot. We will then add your name as captain to a drop-down list on the PTO website and provide you with a link for you and your guests to pay for tickets.


Join the UAHS PTO Today!

PTO Membership is open to all high school parents, teachers, and staff.

Why join?
1) As a member, you are supporting programs like increasing technology in the classrooms, the R&D lab, staff appreciation, and much more!
2) Your membership fees are approximately 80% of the funds we use to help students and staff maximize their school experience, from welcoming new students to celebrating with National Honor Society inductees and providing college scholarships.
3) The PTO provides access to our superintendent / principal / staff AND to other parents like yourself through informal meetings and Q&A sessions.

JOIN NOW. Let’s make this a super school year for all!


PTO Meetings

Please join us at our PTO meetings.  You’ll hear the most up-to-date information about the high school, and you can ask questions of Mr. Theado as well as someone from Central Office.

Our meetings this year will be upstairs at Giant Eagle Market District at 8:30 am.

Dates:  Tuesday September 24th, October 22nd, November 26th, February 4th, & April 7th

Any questions?  Contact the PTO at uahighschoolpto@gmail.com